1000 Shades Of Gray

I’m all about passion.  What makes you come alive?  How are you showing up each day?  What I see all too frequently are many people just going through the motions, doing the same thing because that’s what is comfortable or familiar for them.  I call these folks gray…not in a bad way but this is how I see people that are proceeding with their lives without passion.  My mission is to bring more COLOR to the world!  I was speaking about my thoughts about the grayness in the world and a friend asked me if I had ever seen the old movie Pleasantville.  I had not, so I decided I should check it out to find out why that came up.  The movie demonstrates exactly what I am talking about and once the people in the Leave It To Beaver perfect world in black and white, start thinking for themselves and pursuing things important to them and exploring lost passions, suddenly they are in color and not black and white.  Once you step out of your grayness, you may experience a shift with those who want to remain gray and not live life on their own terms in vibrant color.  The choice is yours.  I love color so much I think I may glow in the dark!

“Don’t ask what the world needs, ask what makes you come alive.  Because what the world needs is more people who have come alive.” ~ Howard Thurman.

Greet the day with enthusiasm.

Greet the day with enthusiasm.

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