Walking through the lessons learned in the corporate world and with starting my own service based businesses, I bring a unique and personalized skill set and support to others who are looking for more and won’t settle for just going through the motions. You know you are meant for more, so let’s get to it! A lifelong love of horses taught me many profound lessons including the importance of authenticity, the power of presence and perseverance.

During my successful 25 year career with airlines,technology and luxury hospitality corporations, I discovered that many of my colleagues couldn’t answer the question, “What lights you up?”. They didn’t have a passion or interest outside of their career. Through my connection with the horses, I knew the importance of having a balance between business and personal life. Upon my departure from the corporate world in 2008, I created Unbridle It, LLC, partnering with my beloved horses Sassy and Romeo. My original mission was to help individuals who had lost their passion, connect with horses to dig a little deeper into finding that spark. Now, after the loss of both of my horses, I continue to use my passion to help individuals find that spark, but for now, without the horse’s input. In addition, using my knowledge and experience from corporate branding to starting up a service based business, I help small business owners who know they are called to make a difference but may not have the business or marketing experience to realize their dreams. My passion remains solid with the horses and helping people understand how they can teach us so many life lessons in addition to the healing that comes so naturally for them.

I am frequently asked to share my personal story about why I feel passion and balance are so important. You have to walk through life’s challenges and continue to face them with resilience so you can help other’s do the same.

With a contagious sense of humor, high energy level and true desire to help others, my mission with Unbridle It is to help purpose driven individuals and organizations to make a difference and realize a sense of fulfillment.

You’ll Never Know Your Full Potential Until You Unbridle It!