Leeanne Gardner turned her back on her passion for horses and built a protective wall after losing her beloved horse at age 15 due to her parent’s divorce.  After 17 years, once she opened the door to her true calling of being with the horses, she understood the power of having a passion and life balance. Leeanne’s lifelong love of horses resulted in many profound lessons including the importance of authenticity, the power of presence and achieving and maintaining life harmony.

During her successful 25 year career in technology and luxury hospitality, she discovered that many of her colleagues couldn’t answer the question, “What lights you up?”.  After reconnecting with the horses, Leeanne knew the importance of having a balance between your business and personal life.  Upon her departure from the corporate world in 2008, she created Unbridle It  partnering with her beloved horses Sassy and Romeo. Her original mission was to help individuals who had lost their passion, connect with horses to dig a little deeper into finding that spark. Now, after the loss of both of her horses, she continues to use her passion to inspire and challenge individuals who are feeling something is missing in their professional or personal life to create a more fulfilled and passionate life, (with or without horses). 

Leeanne is frequently asked to share her personal story about why she feels passion and balance are so important.  After speaking at a Leadership Conference in 2016 she was invited on a Radio show for female entrepreneurs hosted by Susan F. Moody, a “serial entrepreneur” having started over 10 businesses.  Following the radio interview, Leeanne and Susan realized they shared many of the same philosophies and had more to offer than just another “business coach” so they         co-founded Starshine Communities with a focus on creating communities and support for women business owners who see the value in collaboration vs competition.  In addition, she is an Amazon #1 Best Selling Author in From Resilience to Brilliance, a collaborative book of sharing the entrepreneurial journeys of 14 female entrepreneurs. 

With a contagious sense of humor, high energy level and true desire to help others, Leeanne’s mission with Unbridle It is to make a difference and light people up!

You’ll Never Know Your Full Potential Until You Unbridle It!